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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Events, activites, dances, meetings, etc. scheduled here in River Ridge and nearby surrounding locations.

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River Ridge, State and County
Documents and Forms

River Ridge, State and County documentation and applications to view, download and print.

Latest Board Meeting Minutes

Read the minutes from the October 13, 2018 Board meeting.

River Ridge Maps

Map of all lots and common property in River Ridge showing lot number and 911 address.

View the map of River Ridge in it's entirety or individual maps of each village.

Satellite view of River Ridge with common areas marked on map. This is a great aid for those new to the community! Find offices, boat slips, fishing and recreation areas, bath houses and more.

Driving Directions

Get step by step driving directions from your location to River Ridge.

Enter the starting point of your trip (your location).

Get Driving Directions

Driving directions and satellite view provided by Google Maps.
Golf Course

River Ridge Golf Course

Golf Course information and course layout.

River Ridge Chapel

The River Ridge Chapel is a non-denominational church where everyone is welcome. Dress is casual.

Discussion Forum

Get the latest updates, ask questions, make comments, announce an event, etc.

The last forum post was November 19, 2018 at 6:04 AM.
26 days ago by ROLIVER

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Classified Ads

Use the FREE Classifieds to advertise items you have for sale, items you are looking for, services for hire, etc. You do not need to be registered to use the classifieds.

Visit the Classifieds now!

Photo Album

Photos of people and event here at River Ridge.

Contact Webmaster

Send a message, comment or suggestion to the webmaster. Please use this email form instead of regular email.

Phone Numbers

A list of phone numbers for River Ridge offices and some local vendors you may find useful especially if you are new to the area.
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Calendar & Holidays
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Twelve-Month Calendar with Holidays

Click on calendar to view the twelve-month calendar with holidays for 2018.

Use the year buttons on the calendar page to view prior and upcoming years from 2007 to 2037.

River Ridge Bass Tournaments

Schedule, rules, map, results, photos, contact information and more.

Ron McMillion, Tournament Director, has set up a nice web site with all the information you need on the River Ridge Bass Tournaments.
Golf Cart Permits
Minors must have a permit to operate a golf cart in River Ridge. Learn more...

Golf Cart Certificate Program

Minors 14 years of age and older may operate a golf cart in River Ridge provided they have satisfactorily completed the Golf Cart Certificate Program. This program is offered FREE of charge.

River Ridge Propane Filling Station

Get your propane tanks filled right here at River Ridge. Pay for your propane at the Security Office and they will dispatch someone to fill your tank(s). Cash, checks and credit cards accepted.

Tank Size Price
20 Pound $12.64
30 Pound $20.01
40 Pound $25.27
60 Pound $35.81
100 Pound $57.92
Tax included in price

The propane pumping station is located across from the Kountry Kitchen. For questions, please call the Security Office at (434) 636-5536.

Propane will be pumped after 1:00 PM on Sunday.

Find Your 911 Address

In the event of an emergency, the 911 dispatcher will require your 911 address.

Your lot number is NOT the same as your 911 address.

If you are unsure of your address, please check it here. Simply enter your lot number to find your 911 address. You should write down this address and keep it next to the phone.

Mecklenburg County Website

Find out about your county and what it has to offer. This site also contains a lot of useful information for those getting ready to start construction.

Before building in River Ridge you must obtain a Mecklenburg County building permit as well as a River Ridge building permit.

This site will assist you with contacts and necessary paperwork.
  • Useful phone numbers and addresses
  • Information on building within the county
  • Downloadable forms, applications & instructions
Browse their website for other features like maps, events, attractions and more.
River Ridge
Property For Sale

Multiple Listing Service

River Ridge Property For Sale

MLS provided by Roanoke Valley Lake Gaston Board of Realtors. Please use their email for any questions you may have regarding property sales on their website.

Be sure to visit the Classifieds forum on the Grapevine Now website for properties for sale by owner or to request a property specific to your needs.

Trunk -or- Treat
Due to my work schedule, I don't get many opportunities to attend River Ridge events so I was very excited to be able to attend the Trunk or Treat at the Chapel this year and I have to admit that I had a blast. There were so many cute costumes, games, tons of candy, baked goods and even hot dogs. Our resident DJ, Justin Linke, was there with some Halloween music to liven the mood.

Towards the end of the evening the kids went on a hunt for the "Great Pumpkin". Each child who found a pumpkin won $1.00 and the lucky hunter who found the Great Pumpkin won $25.00. Our big winner was a young lady named Camdyn. Honestly folks, if you want to see something hilarious, take a bunch of kids hopped up on sugar and chocolate, tell them there is a field full of pumpkins and one is worth $25.00, then turn them all loose. I never knew kids could move that fast.

I want to thank everyone who participated in the Trunk or Treat and for allowing me to be part of this event. If the kids had half as much fun as I did, it was a complete success. I also want to thank Rose Phelps for allowing me the use of her new camera so I could film the event. Dear Santa: Please bring me a camera like hers.

Please be sure to visit the Photo Album page and view all the photos for the 2018 Trunk -or- Treat.

Someone Threw Me Away

Click to Enlarge
A few weeks ago, someone dumped this precious little pup along with 3 of her sisters like they were garbage. A property owner rescued these tiny little creatures from our dumpster area. I had the opportunity to meet this little darling at the Trunk -or- Treat at the Chapel and it was love at first sight. How anyone could do this to a helpless little creature is beyond me.

The nice lady holding this little cutie pie is my sister-in-law Colleen. She requested that I not show her picture or tell anyone who she is so I won't mention her name.

I wish I knew the name of the person who rescued these pups so I can thank them personally. If you are reading this I want to say thank you so much for being a decent human being and keeping these girls from becoming road kill or "Purina Vulture Chow".

New Forum Added
Ray Shepard is one of our new Board members and is in charge of Communications. He asked me to set up an area of the website where he and property owners could communicate with one another. The easiest way to do this was to start a new forum just for this purpose.

A new forum entitled "Board of Directors" has been opened. This is still in the experimental stages so please be patient while we work out the bugs.

Our goal is to provide a place for property owners to address their concerns to the Board without having to wait for the next monthly meeting. Property owners will be able to ask questions, express their concerns, offer suggestions, volunteer to help, etc., via the new forum.

You will be addressing members of the River Ridge Board of Directors so all rules that apply at the Board meetings will also apply in this forum as well as the forum rules. Forum registration is NOT required for posting on the new forum but you ARE required to post your name and lot number.

Click here to visit the new forum!

2018 Election Results
The results are in for the River Ridge 2018 election. The offices to be held were decided at a meeting after the election.

Congratulations to our new Board members!

Election Results

Candidate Votes
Don Derrico 327
Ann Singleton 282
Ray Shepard 236
Tom Lowder 234
Howard Powell 231
John Womack 76

Board Assignments

Tracy Moseley President
  • Pool
John Murphy Vice President
  • Boating & Fishing
  • Maintenance
Oliver Dunn Treasurer
  • Architecture
  • Beautification
Don Derrico Secretary
  • Security
Ray Shepard Assistant Secretary
  • Communications
Mike Matthews
  • Golf Course
Ann Singleton
  • Entertainment

Facebook Complaints
Once again I would like to clarify that neither I nor this website are affiliated in any way with Facebook. If someone has posted something on Facebook that you find offensive, or you are being slandered and/or bullied, please contact the person who maintains the Facebook page. I cannot help you with Facebook complaints.

911 Confusion
Around 1:00 AM today we received a 911 call where the caller, once again, gave the dispatcher his/her lot number and road name instead of their 911 address. Because the 911 dispatcher and Security were given the incorrect information, the emergency vehicles were dispatched to the wrong address. Three of our Security staff, Bill Phelps, Bubba Murphy and Crystal Linke, were scurrying around in the snow and rain trying to find the person who needed an ambulance. Luckily, they were able to locate the correct address.

Your lot number is NOT the same as your 911 address!

If you are unsure of your 911 address, please use the 911 Address Search and find it now. Write it down and keep it near your phone or somewhere easily accessible like your refrigerator door. In the middle of the night when you need help, is not the time to try and figure out where you live.

There are over 1500 lots in River Ridge and with the correct information we can find them all, however, if you don't know where you live then neither do we!

New Sign On 903
The recent 50 MPH breezes ripping through Bracey took down our sign on Highway 903. We now have a new sign thanks to our maintenance department, Board member, Mike Matthews and his granddaughter Brianna. The money and materials for this project are being supplied by the Association. Click on image to enlarge.

Fire In Hare Village
There was a fire in Hare Village early this morning at lots 105 and 106 involving a truck, golf cart, camper and the woods around camper. Fortunately there were no injures. Damages could have been much worse had it not been for the property owner at 171 Hare who spotted the fire and called 911. Thank you to the Lake Gaston Fire Department, River Ridge Security Team and the property owner of 171 H.

New Blue Rules
The Blue Rules Committee has put the finishing touches on the revised Blue Rules and they are now available at the Association Office and the Security Office. You will be required to complete a form upon receipt. They are also available on the Documents page of this website. Please review the revised blue rules.

Emergency Calls and 911 Addresses
A new page has been added to the website!

We are still having problems with property owners not knowing their 911 address. When you make a 911 call for fire or rescue, we are not always notified by the 911 dispatcher. Sometimes our only notice is from the first responder when they are about 3-5 minutes from River Ridge. This requires some scurrying from Security, especially if the call comes in at 3:00 AM when everyone is asleep.

During an emergency it's easy to get discombobulated and give the dispatcher your lot number and street name. This causes major confusion when we are given the address and can cause a delay in getting help to your location.

In the event of an emergency, the 911 dispatcher will require your 911 address.

Your lot number is NOT the same as your 911 address.

I have added a new button in the yellow menu column (to your left) so you can look up your 911 address by your lot number. If you are unsure of your address, please check it here. Simply enter your lot number to find your 911 addresss. You should write down this information and keep it next to your phone or in a place where it is easily accessible, like your refrigerator door.

2018 Boat Decals
2018 River Ridge boat decals are now on sale. The decals are active from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018. All watercraft in River Ridge are required to display a current decal. The 2018 decals may be purchased at the Security Office or the Association Office for $10.00 per decal. After March 31, 2018, the price will increase to $20.00 per decal.
  • You must present a current registration for each watercraft. Decals will only be issued to the property owner on file. In other words, the property owner must also be the owner of the watercraft(s).

Place the decal on the port side of the watercraft (not the trailer) so it will be visible from the Security Office window when entering the back gate.

Your decal(s) must also be placed high enough to be visible while the watercraft is in the water.

Tickets will be issued to property owners of watercraft not displaying a current River Ridge decal. Please contact the Security Office at (434) 636-5536 or the Association Office at (434) 636-2989 for any questions regarding decals.

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