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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Events, activites, dances, meetings, etc. scheduled here in River Ridge and nearby surrounding locations.

River Ridge, State and County
Documents and Forms

River Ridge, State and County documentation and applications to view, download and print.

Latest Board Meeting Minutes

Read the minutes from the November 13, 2021 Board meeting.

River Ridge Maps

Map of all lots and common property in River Ridge showing lot number and 911 address.

View the map of River Ridge in it's entirety or individual maps of each village.

Satellite view of River Ridge with common areas marked on map. This is a great aid for those new to the community! Find offices, boat slips, fishing and recreation areas, bath houses and more.

Driving Directions

Get step by step driving directions from your location to River Ridge.

Enter the starting point of your trip (your location).

Get Driving Directions

Driving directions and satellite view provided by Google Maps.
Golf Course

River Ridge Golf Course

Golf Course information and course layout.

River Ridge Chapel

The River Ridge Chapel is a non-denominational church where everyone is welcome. Dress is casual.

Classified Ads

Use the FREE Classifieds to advertise items you have for sale, items you are looking for, services for hire, etc. You do not need to be registered to use the classifieds.

Last Post:
Mobile Home lot for sale
3 days ago

Photo Album

Photos of people and event here at River Ridge.

Contact Webmaster

Send a message, comment or suggestion to the webmaster. Please use this contact form instead of regular email.

Phone Numbers

A list of phone numbers for River Ridge offices and some local vendors you may find useful especially if you are new to the area.

Board of Directors

Contact information for your board members.

Talk to Your Board Members

This is the official River Ridge forum allowing property owners to communicate with the Board. Here you can ask questions, offer suggestions and discuss River Ridge issues. The forum is run and moderated by the River Ridge Board of Directors.

There is even a Chat Box for real time communication.
Sunrise: 7:18 AM - Sunset: 5:31 PM
Calendar & Holidays
For The Entire Year

Twelve-Month Calendar with Holidays

Click on calendar to view the twelve-month calendar with holidays for 2022.

Use the year buttons on the calendar page to view prior and upcoming years from 2007 to 2037.

River Ridge Bass Tournaments

Schedule, rules, map, results, photos, contact information and more.
Golf Cart Permits
Minors must have a permit to operate a golf cart in River Ridge. Learn more...

Golf Cart Certificate Program

Minors 14 years of age and older may operate a golf cart in River Ridge provided they have satisfactorily completed the Golf Cart Certificate Program. This program is offered FREE of charge.

River Ridge Propane Filling Station

Get your propane tanks filled right here at River Ridge. Pay for your propane at the Security Office and they will dispatch someone to fill your tank(s). Cash, checks and credit cards accepted.

Tank Size Price
20 Pound $13.00
30 Pound $20.00
40 Pound $25.00
100 Pound $56.00

Find Your 911 Address

In the event of an emergency, the 911 dispatcher will require your 911 address.

Your lot number is NOT the same as your 911 address.

If you are unsure of your address, please check it here. Simply enter your lot number to find your 911 address. You should write down this address and keep it next to the phone.

Mecklenburg County Website

Find out about your county and what it has to offer. This site also contains a lot of useful information for those getting ready to start construction.

Before building in River Ridge you must obtain a Mecklenburg County building permit as well as a River Ridge building permit.

This site will assist you with contacts and necessary paperwork.
  • Useful phone numbers and addresses
  • Information on building within the county
  • Downloadable forms, applications & instructions
Browse their website for other features like maps, events, attractions and more.
River Ridge
Property For Sale

Multiple Listing Service

River Ridge Property For Sale

MLS provided by Roanoke Valley Lake Gaston Board of Realtors. Please use their email for any questions you may have regarding property sales on their website.

Be sure to visit the Classifieds on the Grapevine Now website for properties for sale by owner or to request a property specific to your needs.

Mouse over list for description
Click document name to view
Board Meeting Minutes (PDF)

Latest Board Meeting Minutes PDF Format

Minutes for the River Ridge Association Board of Directors Meeting held on November 13, 2021 in PDF format.

Minutes of prior meetings are available in the document Library in the Board Meeting Minutes folder.
Blue Rules

River Ridge Blue Rules

Property Owner's Association Act Code Of Virginia adoption and enforcement of rules.
Guest Rules

Rules To Share With Your Guests

River Ridge offers many amenities to it's property owners and their guests. To insure that everyone has a pleasant and safe visit, please share this information with your guests upon their arrival.

River Ridge Covenants

River Ridge Golf and Camping Club Declaration of Protective Covenants and Agreements.

River Ridge By-Laws

By-Laws of River Ridge Association Inc. and the River Ridge Code of Ethics required to be signed by all employees, board members and committee members.
Articles Of Incorporation

Articles Of Incorporation

River Ridge Association Inc. Articles of Incorporation.
Building Codes

River Ridge Building Codes

New Building Codes for River Ridge camping and mobile home sections revised January 2021.
Building Permit App.

River Ridge Building Permit Applicaton

Application and instructions to obtain a building permit in River Ridge revised January 12, 2013.
Commercial Delivery Policy

River Ridge Commercial Delivery Policy

Any commercial vehicle entering River Ridge to perform work for a property owner must have a Delivery Notification Form on file in the River Ridge Office.
Concern Form

Concern Form

River Ridge propery owners concern form. Use this form if you have a concern (complaint) regarding a department of River Ridge. An example would be if you witness an employee driving a River Ridge vehicle in an improper manner.

Do not use this form to report or request repairs such as pot holes. Please use the Work Order Form instead.
Complaint Procedure

CICB Complaint Procedure

River Ridge Association, Inc. Common Interest Community Board complaint procedure.

The Code of Virginia requires that the Common Interest Community Board (CICB) shall establish requlations requiring each property owners association to establish reasonable procedures for the resolution of written complaints from the Members of the Association and other citizens (CICB Complaint Procedure).

This is the CICB Complaint Procedure the attorney referred to at the November 2012 Board meeting.
Sanitary Sewer Policy

Sanitary Sewer Policy

River Ridge Association, Inc. Sanitary Sewer Policy explaining hookup of new sewer lines, permit fee(s), application, charges, etc.
Sewer Connection App.

Sewer Connection Application

River Ridge Association, Inc. application form for new sewer connection including instructions and fees.

All new sewer connections must be approved by the board. Print and fill out the Sewer Connection Application and return to the Association office with the connection fee.
Work Order

Work Order

River Ridge work order form. Use this form to report a non-emergent situation requiring attention such as a pothole in the road.
Electric Service Agreement

Electric Service Agreement

This form must be signed by the property owner and returned to the Association Office prior to connecting to the River Ridge electrical service.
Mecklenburg County

Building Inspection and Permits

Mecklenburg County Building Code Enforcement: office hours, phone numbers, addresses, procedures to acquire building permits, forms for download and related links.
Robert's Rules of Order

Robert's Rules of Order

Robert's Rules of Order Revised, Fourth Edition, with Up-to-Date Annotations! An online reference tool of parliamentary procedure.

From their website...
Although the copyright on the original Fourth Edition of Robert's Rules of Order Revised has expired, it remains an important work. contains the full text of this book, including lesson outlines and Plan for Study of Parliamentary Law, along with the added convenience and functionality of index and keyword search. This handy online reference tool is useful to students of parliamentary procedure and parliamentarians alike.
Code of Virginia

Code of Virginia

Code of Virginia searchable database provided by the Virginia General Assembly.

You no longer have spend the day at the library thumbing through dozens of books to find a Virginia law. The database is available to the public with a table of contents and a nice search feature.

River Ridge, State and County
Documents and Forms

This page contains the most recent documents and forms for River Ridge, Mecklenburg County and the state of Virgina. Mouse over the links to your left for a description of each.

Board Meeting Minutes:
The minutes for the River Ridge Board of Directors meeting will be posted each month.

River Ridge Documentation:
Review River Ridge documentation such as Rules, By-Laws, Covenants, building permits, work orders, etc.

Mecklenburg County Building Permits & Inspection:
Here you will find a listing of building permit contact information for the county of Mecklenburg, downloadable permit forms, and instructions.

Older Documents:
Older documents can be found in the Library (archives) of this website. If there is a specific form or document that you cannot locate, please click on the Contacts link and drop me a line and I will be happy to help you.
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