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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Events, activites, dances, meetings, etc. scheduled here in River Ridge and nearby surrounding locations.

River Ridge, State and County
Documents and Forms

River Ridge, State and County documentation and applications to view, download and print.

Latest Board Meeting Minutes

Read the minutes from the June 12, 2021 Board meeting.

River Ridge Maps

Map of all lots and common property in River Ridge showing lot number and 911 address.

View the map of River Ridge in it's entirety or individual maps of each village.

Satellite view of River Ridge with common areas marked on map. This is a great aid for those new to the community! Find offices, boat slips, fishing and recreation areas, bath houses and more.

Driving Directions

Get step by step driving directions from your location to River Ridge.

Enter the starting point of your trip (your location).

Get Driving Directions

Driving directions and satellite view provided by Google Maps.
Golf Course

River Ridge Golf Course

Golf Course information and course layout.

River Ridge Chapel

The River Ridge Chapel is a non-denominational church where everyone is welcome. Dress is casual.

Classified Ads

Use the FREE Classifieds to advertise items you have for sale, items you are looking for, services for hire, etc. You do not need to be registered to use the classifieds.

Last Post:
For Sale
4 days ago

Photo Album

Photos of people and event here at River Ridge.

Contact Webmaster

Send a message, comment or suggestion to the webmaster. Please use this contact form instead of regular email.

Phone Numbers

A list of phone numbers for River Ridge offices and some local vendors you may find useful especially if you are new to the area.

Board of Directors

Contact information for your board members.
Golf Course Bash ... (see Upcoming Events)

Talk to Your Board Members

This is the official River Ridge forum allowing property owners to communicate with the Board. Here you can ask questions, offer suggestions and discuss River Ridge issues. The forum is run and moderated by the River Ridge Board of Directors.

There is even a Chat Box for real time communication.
Sunrise: 6:14 AM - Sunset: 8:23 PM
Calendar & Holidays
For The Entire Year

Twelve-Month Calendar with Holidays

Click on calendar to view the twelve-month calendar with holidays for 2021.

Use the year buttons on the calendar page to view prior and upcoming years from 2007 to 2037.

River Ridge Bass Tournaments

Schedule, rules, map, results, photos, contact information and more.

Ron McMillion, Tournament Director, has set up a nice web site with all the information you need on the River Ridge Bass Tournaments.
Golf Cart Permits
Minors must have a permit to operate a golf cart in River Ridge. Learn more...

Golf Cart Certificate Program

Minors 14 years of age and older may operate a golf cart in River Ridge provided they have satisfactorily completed the Golf Cart Certificate Program. This program is offered FREE of charge.

River Ridge Propane Filling Station

Get your propane tanks filled right here at River Ridge. Pay for your propane at the Security Office and they will dispatch someone to fill your tank(s). Cash, checks and credit cards accepted.

Tank Size Price
20 Pound $13.00
30 Pound $20.00
40 Pound $25.00
100 Pound $56.00

Find Your 911 Address

In the event of an emergency, the 911 dispatcher will require your 911 address.

Your lot number is NOT the same as your 911 address.

If you are unsure of your address, please check it here. Simply enter your lot number to find your 911 address. You should write down this address and keep it next to the phone.

Mecklenburg County Website

Find out about your county and what it has to offer. This site also contains a lot of useful information for those getting ready to start construction.

Before building in River Ridge you must obtain a Mecklenburg County building permit as well as a River Ridge building permit.

This site will assist you with contacts and necessary paperwork.
  • Useful phone numbers and addresses
  • Information on building within the county
  • Downloadable forms, applications & instructions
Browse their website for other features like maps, events, attractions and more.
River Ridge
Property For Sale

Multiple Listing Service

River Ridge Property For Sale

MLS provided by Roanoke Valley Lake Gaston Board of Realtors. Please use their email for any questions you may have regarding property sales on their website.

Be sure to visit the Classifieds on the Grapevine Now website for properties for sale by owner or to request a property specific to your needs.

Be Careful Where You Mail Ballot(s)
Election ballots will not be counted if mailed or dropped off at the Association Office.

I had someone email a question regarding submission of election ballots and wanted to post it to the website in hopes of clearing up some confusion regarding the statement above. Yes, absentee ballots will only be accepted if they are mailed but, NOT to the Association Office.

Let me start by explaining how the ballots are collected. River Ridge has two mailing addresses, one for everyday correspondence (P.O. Box 40) and one for election only, P.O. Box 190.

The Bracey Post Office takes all mail sent to the election address and puts it into a box which remains at the post office until election day. On election day the box is sealed by a postal employee. Two representatives from River Ridge collect the box from the post office. The seal is not broken until it's time to count the ballots. The box is then opened by the head of the Election Committee in front of the committee, counters and observers. Any absentee ballots not in this box will be disqualified. This includes ballots mailed to the Association Office.

If you did not receive a return envelope with your ballots please be sure to use the correct address on your return envelope.

River Ridge Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 190
Bracey, VA 23919

Missing Ballot Envelopes
From The River Ridge Election Committee:

If you did not receive your return ballot envelope to vote in the upcoming election, you may get one from the Association Office or use a blank envelope. If you are using a blank envelope please put on the outside of your envelope your lot number. Address your envelope to:

River Ridge Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 190
Bracey, VA 23919

Election ballots will not be counted if mailed or dropped off at the Association Office.

New Office Manager
Cathy Wasson, one of the office employees is moving with her mother to be closer to family and the grandkids. All of us here at River Ridge want to wish them both the best with their new adventure.

Please stop by the office to say hello to the New Office Manager, Linda Macklin. Linda lives in South Hill along with her mother and other family. She has many years of Finance and Accounting experience and Management background. She will be a great asset to our community.

Possible Dues Increase
The Board of Directors requests your input on the possibility of increasing the Annual Dues. We have scheduled two meetings for your convenience and to give all Property Owner's an opportunity to voice their opinion. Meetings will be held at Phelps Pavilion (in front of Clubhouse).
  • Saturday, August 7, 2021 at 1:00 PM

  • Saturday, October 2, 2021 at 1:00 PM
If you are unable to attend either meeting, you are encouraged to contact any Board Member to discuss your concerns.

From the Association Office
Since the COVID outbreak in March of 2020, the United States Postal Service has been experiencing service delays. River Ridge has been on the receiving end of this as many of you have. The Association Office has been impacted by this through not receiving payments and invoices from our vendors. We have addressed this problem with the local post office regarding our mail delivery and have been told that the Richmond location where our mail is sent for processing has had and is still having staff problems.

If you have any questions regarding your payment(s) sent to the Association Office, please contact the office DIRECTLY and immediately so that your concern can be addressed and resolved correctly and in a professional manner. At anytime you can access your River Ridge account through the TOPS portal which will show your account balance and all of your posted payments. If you are not currently set up for this, contact the office and we can assist you. You may also pay your bills over the phone by a debit or credit card; (434) 636-2989.

The office hours are Tuesday - Saturday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. If you are calling after business hours there is an answering machine that you can leave a detailed message and your call will be returned on the next business day. You may also send an email to

This is also a reminder to all property owners to make sure the Association Office has your current mailing address, phone number & email address (if available).

2021 Election Candidates
River Ridge Board of Directors 2021 Election Candidates,

Donald Derrico Lot 34 & 35 Coyote
Paul Harvey Lot 83 & 84 Moose
Grayson Martin Lot 112 & 113 Moose
Anne Singleton Lot 90 Leisure

Vandalism Photos

Click image to enlarge
As you know by now, on Memorial weekend two of our bath houses suffered senseless vandalism. Mirrors were smashed, fixtures broken, doors ripped off the hinges, a water pipe was completely broken off from the wall causing flooding. The bath houses were closed due to the damage inconveniencing campers and their guests who came out to enjoy the lake. Maintenance had to make time for these repairs delaying scheduled repairs and maintenance.

I have received photos of this crime and they have been posted to the Photos page. This matter has been turned over to law enforcement.

Click here to see more photos.

Vandals Identified
On Friday night two of our bathhouses were vandalized and had to be shut down for the weekend. A few individuals with a combined IQ of a donut hole decided it would be fun to smash mirrors and shatter toilets and water lines to flood the bathhouse. The Mecklenburg Sheriff's Department was called and a report was filed.

After extensive review of camera footage, River Ridge Security was able to identify three suspects in the vandalism of the bathhouses. The matter is in the hands of Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Department.

Covenant Meeting Minutes
The minutes for the Covenants meeting held last Saturday, May 22, 2021 have been posted. Click here to read the meeting minutes. You can obtain a copy of the Covenants at the Association Office. I will be getting a copy of the Covenants to post on the website soon.

Getting Back To Normal
Evidently the Governor is lifting all restrictions effective midnight May 28, if you have received the COVID-19 shots. With this guidance River Ridge is assuming life as it should be. Anne has announced when the Clubhouse will open, I believe Bingo starts next week. This has been a hard period of time for everyone. Hopefully we can enjoy a wonderful summer just like the “good old days”. Thanks for the help and understanding from everyone as we attempted to get through the Pandemic. -- Terry Milligan

Proposed Covenants Mailed
The proposed covenants have been mailed and should be arriving to you soon.

I [Terry Milligan] would like to thank the volunteers that assisted in stuffing envelopes and getting them all prepared to be mailed. We spent many hours completing this task and now each Property Owner should vote as the feel is best for them as well as the community.

Correction To January Board Meeting Minutes
I would like to point out an error in the January board meeting minutes. Under Open Discussion regarding the Grapevine Now website, Connie stated "We do pay the yearly fee for her..." referring to the annual fees to maintain this website. This statement is NOT true. I have NEVER received any money from River Ridge to maintain this website. I have been writing this site since 2003 and ALL fees have been paid by me.

In the past, there were a few property owners who made private contributions to help with some of the costs of running this website but those stopped abruptly and now I guess I know why.

Messages From Security


We've had several calls stating deliveries were attempted at around 8:00 AM or 8:30 AM from property owners that have gotten notifications. We are unsure why these notifications are going out as we've been here at the office and UPS and FedEx have not been here. We encourage you to call the provider or courier to find out why. Our only interaction with these couriers are during package drop offs. Delivery times vary. They are typically after 1:00 PM and can be right up until closing time at 4:00 PM. The most frequent time is between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM.

Please use your 911/mailing address for packages. If you do not know your 911 address click here and enter your lot number to see your 911 address or you can call the Security Office at (434) 636-5536 and they will look it up for you.
  • Use your 911 address for package delivery
  • Do not use lot numbers on your package.
  • Do not use Golf Course Dr. plus your lot number.
We are not always able to notify of a package delivery. We are open from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM if you're expecting a package feel free to give us a call we can check and see if its arrived.

We are receiving a lot more perishable packages. If you know you have a perishable coming in please check frequently and pick up as soon as you're able. We have limited refrigerator space.

The security office staff is unable to track, refuse, return or call about your personal packages. We do not have your personal information needed to do this for you.

The Security Office staff is not responsible for late, damaged or lost packages. In the event you suspect your package is lost or late please check with the company you ordered from and the courier bringing your package. The security staff is unable to find or report missing, late or damaged packages. WE CAN NOT CALL FOR YOU.

If you are having a friend or family member pick up a package for you, please call and notify the security office with the name of the person picking up for you and your name and address. Packages will not be given to other parties without permission ahead of time.


All guest must be registered at the security gate. Guest include all non property owners without a key card. This includes immediate family members that do not have key cards. Property owners must contact Security gate before guest arrives.

Guest registration is done daily. We do not have permanent guest sign in.

You must be 18 or over and a property owner to sign in a guest.

Guest coming to look at property for sale by owner must be signed it at the security gate. Property owner must be present to sign in potential buyers. If your property is listed on social media or other sites please include this is private property and will not be allowed in with out being registered. WE DO NOT ALLOW PEOPLE IN TO VIEW LOTS OR RIDE THROUGH THE PARK unless they are registered by the property owner.

When selling things on social media those guest are also required to be registered at the gate. This includes yard sales, estate sales and open houses.

Please try to inform your guest on how to check in. Guest can use the intercom at the main gate or check in in person at the security office. Please try and make sure your guest is able to give us this information when checking in. Their name, property owner name and property owner lot number.

Everything listed above can be found in your River Ridge blue rules.


If able we ask that you call 911 yourself. The 911 operators ask for a lot of information regarding what the emergency is, the persons age, possible allergies, and other information we just don't have readily available for them. If you are not able to make that call we can assist you in making the call.

Give the 911 operator your 911 address not lot number. It makes finding your place easier and quicker. If you do not know the difference between your lot number and 911 physical address give the security office a call we can give you both to make sure you can inform services properly.

Updated Blue Rules
The River Ridge Blue Rules have been updated as of January 2021. You can view the revised Blue Rules on the Documents page of this website or pick up a copy at the Association Office.

Security Vehicle Lights
Security vehicles now have flashing green lights on them. If you see these flashing green lights please move over and let them pass. They are handling security issues or leading Rescue personnel to where they are needed. Thanks for your cooperation.

2021 Boat Decals
2021 boat decals are now on sale at the Association Office. All watercrafts are to be registered to only property owner(s). You must provide a current registration at the time of purchase. NO EXCEPTIONS. Decals purchased after March 31st will be charged a late fee.

River Ridge Committees


Connie Suddueth, Chairperson
Mike Matthews, Co-Chair
Keith Saunders
Bill Suddueth

Boating and Fishing

Terry L. Milligan, Chairperson
Steve Quesenberry, Co-Chair
John Griffin
Peggy Murphy


Aundrea Butler, Chairperson
Grayson Martin, Co-Chair
Angie Cox, Co-Chair
Daryl Martin
Harry Gordon


Anne Singleton, Chairperson
Donna Milligan, Co-Chair
Hurshel (Flash) Harwell
Billy Ricks

Golf Course

Kevin Jetter, Chairperson
Mike Matthews, Co-Chair
Robert Frazier
Anne Singleton


Anne Singleton, Chairperson
Jeff Linke, Jr., Co-Chair
Donna Milligan
Lisa Beck
Donna Faucette


Paul Harvey, Chairperson
Kevin Jetter, Co-Chair
Robert Frazier
Terry L. Milligan


Robert Frazier, Chairperson
Jeff Linke, Jr., Co-Chair
Mike Matthews


Robert Frazier, Chairperson
Kevin Jetter, Co-Chair
Steve Quesenberry, Co-Chair
Jeff Linke, Jr., Co-Chair

Board Assignment Changes
Don Derrico has resigned from the BOD and the following changes have been made to the board assignments.

Terry Milligan President
  • Boating & Fishing
Kevin Jetter Vice President Sept. 12, 2020
  • Golf Course
Connie Suddueth Treasurer
  • Architectural Control
Anne Singleton Secretary
  • Entertainment
  • Communications
Robert Frazier
  • Security Sept. 12, 2020
  • Pool
Paul Harvey
  • Maintenance
Aundrea Butler
  • Beautification
Jeff Linke Jr.
  • Sergeant At Arms Sept. 12, 2020

Message from the Association Office:

In an effort to identify mailboxes not being used we are asking if you currently receive your mail at a box located at the front gate to contact Debbie at the Association Office with your box number and lot number. If it is determined that there are boxes available and your name is on the waiting list you may be contacted.

Board Meeting Minutes
It's been a long time since we saw board meeting minutes posted. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic all River Ridge activities were cancelled along with the board meetings. I did get the minutes for the March meeting as well as the latest budget report. There were also minutes of an emergency meeting held in July.

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